Operation Manager, Gourment Events & Tours Specialist

David writes about food, wine, cocktails, and travel. He is the publisher of pickydiners.com,  and editor of foodiepulse.com. He is enthusiastic about the best dishes in any type of cuisine in the world. As he loves to talk about the amazing food experience in Vancouver and any other cities that he has travelled to, he is willing to share all the tips on all the recent food trends. Born in Guangzhou, China, he has an extensive knowledge of Cantonese cuisine and other Chinese regional cuisines. He also has a passion for cooking, especially with local ingredients.




Marketing Director, Gourmet Events & Tours Specialist

Shirley has been working as a gourmet event specialist in Asia and North America. She also an excellent track record in sales and marketing. Recently relocated back to Vancouver from Shanghai, she has a deep understanding of what international foodies seek in a true gourmet experience.