science of cocktails

Vancouver is emerging as one of the most exciting cities for cocktails on the West Coast. The Pan Pacific culinary influence has added many unique touches on the classic cocktail recipes.  But would you want to know why all those flavours, familiar or unfamiliar, work so brilliant together to form an incredibly tasty cocktail?  And what are the chemistry, biology, and physics behind preparing those cocktails and cuisine?  You will get the answers at  Science of Cocktails 2018 at Telus Science World on February 8, 2018.

Visit the Vancouver’s largest cocktail laboratory and meet the city’s most talented bartenders and chefs that bring you the best food-drink pairings. There will be an open bar from 25+ bar stations curated by award-winning bartenders paired along with 12 food stations featuring molecular gastronomy from local culinary talent. You will also enjoy a variety of special cocktail science activities, hands-on demos, and classic Science World programming.

The Sale of tickets proceeds to raise funds for Science World’s Class Field Bursary Program for underserved schools in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  The previous ticket sales have helped 4897 students make it to Science World through a class field trip bursary in the 2016/2017 school year. Thanks to this tremendous program, more and more underserved school kids will be benefitted in the future,

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